Blog Designs and Blog Buttons..?


Sooooo... This is something I've been thinking about offering for a while. Those of you who have followed me since the start, may have noticed I've changed my blog look about 3 times, and I only started in December..... Anyways I think it's just cause I get bored of the design and I just get bored in general, so i'm giving myself something to do... ANYWAYS, so yeah, I actually designed all of them.. And so I thought since I can design and that jazz, maybe i'd just let you lot know, in case you might want help with making a look for your blog, and you just don't have a clue what to do! I'm not gonna charge at all, like I said, it's just giving me something to do... So if your interested in that, give me an e-mail (Yes, with two tt's on the end) or Tweet me. (By the way, I just want to say the illustration on the side wasn't done by me, that was done by my boyfriend!)

Also recently thought it would be nice to do some Button Swaps, again I don't want money for it... Does anyone charge for that anyways(?) It just always looks nice on the side of blogs, and I think it's just a nice idea, like were all supporting each other as if were lost in the wild.

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  1. That's so cool! Your blog is looking so cute now!! How did you do the links to pages at the top? I'm pretty bad with computer stuff :P I'm getting a new blog look now, designbyte is doing mine but still need an idea for my title banner :-/ and I'd love to swap blog buttons but I don't actually have a blog button...I will probably put yours on mine anyway once my blog is looking spick and span :P X

    1. Thanks! Yaay for new blog looks!!! It's really awkward to explain, BUT if Designbite doesnt get around to explaining it to you, let me know and i'll try explaining it to you! I'm sure your blogs gonna look amaaazing!! He's done such a good job with Grace's! AGAIN, if he doesn't get around to making you a Button, I can whip one up for you!


    2. I want to find a look that will work for my blog for a while so i don't spend so much time on that aspect of it. Ok thanks!! Yeh i know it looks so good! Idk how she keeps coming up with ideas though! Thank youu so much!! :) X

  2. Sent you an email :-)xx

  3. Wow amazing! I love all your designs, I would love some kind of personal illustration :). Im currently having mine redone by Emily Beth, and I am loving it so far, but your designs are just so so fantastic! Any help would be so appreciated!!

    Lauren xx

  4. I wish that my blog looked like this, art and design are not my forte! Would you be open to swapping buttons with me, maybe?

    Lorna-Rose xx