Google madness & Tycho.


I won't go into much detail about all this Google reader stuff, because I'm sure everyone knows from other posts. All I want to say is Google are stupid, and Google+ is rubbish too. It didn't work out well when they first launched it, and it's not gonna now.
ANYWAY, just incase GFC does dissapear off the face of the planet, I thought i'd share my BlogLovin' with ya'll. Also, you'll probably already know this, but there's this nifty trick, where you import ALL the blogs you follow with GFC into Bloglovin' which I was so pleased about, cause otherwise that would have taken HOURS doing it all by myself. Here's the link for that.

I also tried making a Hello Cotton, cause I figured not everyone is quite feelin' BlogLovin'... It's SO confusing, for anyone who's already made one, does it take ages to update the connecting your blog to it? (If that makes sense..) Or is it just not going to inform me that somethings gone wrong..? Either way i'll leave a link to it, hoping it'll sort itself out..... (EDIT: Just realized after posting this that it's now sorted itself out.. Jeezz.)

Hello Cotton

Also, just a bit random, maybe you won't be interested, but i've been listening to my old Tycho album again. And I just love it. So if you all stressed about this GFC nonsense  or just anything. Maybe give it a listen.. It's not everyone type of music, but someone might like it? I'm no good with genres, so i'm just gonna paste what says.
Ambient, Chillout, Electronic.
(Sorry it's youtube, I actually wanted to find it on Soundcloud.. But Tycho are rubbish and haven't uploaded it there.)

Sorry for the rambling sort of post. I just wanted a chat.

Album art taken from secondary sources.

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