Things change... (Nearly every month for my blog.)


My blog is a very confused blog. It just doesn't know what it wants to be..
Or I just get bored and give in to Photoshop too easily.
Basically my blog has had about.. 5 different changed now, and i'm really sorry, I know it really annoys some people when blogs are constantly changing. And that's fair enough.
I'm thinking (hopefully) i've got a keeper with this design, and i've not quite seen any other blogs with something like this (if there is, it doesn't really matter, no ones really gonna have a 100% unique blog.)

SO yeah this is the new blog, I'm hoping it'll stick for atleast a year. It definitely will, i'll put my Photoshop needs into something else.
Anyone who has my button thank you very much, but if it's the old one, would you mind updating it with this friendly new one? If not, it's okay.
Thanks for reading, and I hope no ones mega mad or annoyed about all of this.

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  1. I love your new layout it is really beautiful :) And your header is also really pretty :) But lets see how much this will last ;)xx

  2. I like the changes! And I know how you feel loooooool I started my blog maybe a month or two ago and I've changed the layout and header at least 4 times! LOL

    Adventures in Procrastination

  3. I like seeing changes in blog layouts as it refreshes my opinions in them and I love this one btw x

  4. I always have to change my blog, but recently someone made a design for me so I'm sticking with that for now!! Love your design xx

  5. It's YOUR blog, I think you can change the style whenever the hell you please! :) xo

  6. I don't mind that you changed it! Sometimes we have to try on many different outfits before we find the one we like!

    Corinne x

  7. I reaallly like your new design! Very distinct.

    I always change mine too, I feel a big change up coming very soon! I don't mind when others change theirs every so often, it's nice to see some variation I think!