We've got Obsessions : Turquoise Dip Dye.


Ever since dip dying reared it's beautiful head, I was obsessed. I especially love it for the summer, just to lighten up some darker locks, especially for people like me, who might look a bit odd with an all over blonde. But when colours got introduced i've become even more obsessed. Especially with the colour Turquoise. It's something that I always go on about, wishing I could do it, but there's several reasons holding me back. But I was given some encouragement from a friend the other day, saying I should do it while i'm not in a job.. But alas, I don't think I'm quite brave enough.. Oh well I guess i'll just have to admire from a far.

Do any of you guys like the Tourquoise dip dye? Or any other type of colours? Pink, purple, green???

 Also, here's a song i've been obsessed with.

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  1. Oh my, the hair in the second picture is soo amazing! You should definitely do it! I am sure it would look great :)

  2. I love the way this looks on some people. I also like purple. I'd never get away with this though, lol.

  3. Last year I dip dyed my hair bright red haha! Before anyone had even started ombre-ing! And when it faded it looked like ombre/ginger dip dye, like everyone else had it, but it was still nice for the Summer as it was different. The ends of my hair are still a tad lighter to the rest but it looks natural and still so lovely :) very tempted to dip dye it red again :) xx

  4. my friend dip dyes her hair turquoise and it's so so pretty! xx

    velvet ghost| fashion blog ♥

  5. I love dip dyes! I dip dyed my hair pink and purple last summer and I miss it so much! I actually made a post about it a few months ago :P I think you should definitely go for it and dip dye yours!

  6. I love them, but I can't put colour in my hair because of my job =(

    You should go for it, it would look fab on you!

    Corinne x

  7. I have had bright blue, and now purple all over and I work in Henley (posh) and it's so funny the comments I get! xo