Autumn Wishlist 2013.


4. Ebay Chunky heel Ankle Boots

I love Autumn, (i'm sure i've mentioned this several times before) and I love Autumn fashion even more. This beanie will be perfect for colder days (obvs) and also when my fringe isn't co operating with me, so I can just keep it in place with a nice cosy beanie. Those boots. My god once I found these, I just fell madly in love, they remind be of the sort of chunky shoes my sister used to wear to school (back in the 90's) and I was always so amazed by them and used to clonk around the house in them. This dress is soo beautiful, I love a good smock dress, yeah they may make me look pregnant, but I just feel sooo comfortable in them and this print is soo pretty.
If you have made an autumn wishlist, please leave me a link to them, because I can never get enough of Autumn fashion, or Autumn anything really.

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  1. I love the ebay boots!! xx
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  2. I'm into smocks and knee socks at the moment (so much so that I've just spent today editing outfit photos of me wearing that combination), so we're clearly on the same wavelength! Love the dress you picked out

  3. Omg love that crop top sweater! I'm wearing a crop top in my post today. Can't get enough of the trend!
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  4. I love the smock dress, I really like that oversized clothes are in fashion. Perfect for lazy days, especially with a pair of biker boots. Actually, I'm off to ASOS now!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Fab wishlist! I'm a huge knee high sock fan, especially with a smock dress! xo