Try smiling more.


This is something new i'm trying out.
I've heard the phrase 'bitch face' a lot recently and it got me thinking... I have a major bitch face.
I don't mean to, it's just when i'm walking around on my own, there's not really much going on that will change my face.
Anyways, i've decided to try smiling more and I actually felt really good for doing it. I caught a few people giving me second glances, because they probably thought I was mental for smiling at them, or just confused by the whole thing. I also got a couple of smiles back, which was nice.
I know how defeated I can feel when I catch someone giving me a nasty look or maybe even their 'bitch face' so that's kind of why I want to start smiling more, so that people don't think i'm judging them, when really I just have a bitch face.

I didn't really want to write this under this post, but knew i'd forget when I write my next post, I finally uploaded a Primark Haul, and I was a bit nervous, so sorry for my awkwardness. Anyways, here's the link.

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  1. Your blog is super lovely. It's so nice to get a smile from a stranger so I think it is wonderful that you've made it a goal to do. I think that people in big cities sometimes act like I'm mental when I smile at them, but in small towns it usually works out pretty well ;).


  2. I have a similar problem! Whenever I'm lost in thought I look really worried, I always get randoms coming up and asking if something is wrong! Reminding myself to smile more definitely helps :)

    love, greta