Bonjour Paris.


 photo tumblr_mvy3vvr3c11smjerbo2_500_zpsbb6ac495.gif
 photo CNV00003-small_zpsb2cf8617.jpg (Me in Paris, January 2012)

There's really no reason for this post. I know it's not new to hear 'OMG I love Paris so much, so much that I might just die.' But lately my 'sad' obsession has become more, well sad. I've actually been on sites looking up prices for flights, and holiday flats to rent. I'm not even going to Paris any time soon, so why am I wasting my time? I went to Paris back in January 2012 for my Birthday and while I enjoyed it, I think me and my boyfriend were a bit overwhelmed by it, and didn't really have enough time to do the things we wanted to do. The hotel we were staying in was several tube station rides from the 'centre' of Paris and because of my anxiety, I didn't really want to be out roaming the streets when it was dark, so that was several hours of our day lost. (This is why next time, I'd rather stay in a Holiday Flat, as most of them are in the centre!)

I want to experience the café's and look around little antique shops. I want to find more tiny lanes with odd shops on them, and maybe go in them this time. I want to not be so embarrassed of the fact that I'm English, and try to feel more comfortable with my surroundings. I want to browse independent fashion shops until my boyfriend snaps... Haha. I want to go to that little Crepe van and have another banana and nutella crepe. (Because MY GOD it was incredible)

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  1. I'm sure you'll enjoy Paris all over again. c: If not soon, hakuna matata!
    I love your Audrey gif by the way. :P


  2. Beautiful photos - I haven't been for a few years and I can't wait to go back to Paris. Have a wonderful time :o) Xx

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  3. I visited Paris last year in May and I really can't wait to get back there, I honestly loved it so much <3

  4. I visited last March and I loved it as well, I want a banana-nutella crepe now! :)

  5. I have the 2nd picture on my door hehe. I hope you get a chance to go to Paris again soon, I'm sure you will enjoy it a lot more now ^_^