Friday I'm in love.


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This week..
My boyfriends birthday. (5th May) I made him a Victoria sponge, with Strawberries, butter icing & chocolate icing. And everyone loved it.
Buckaroo. Put loads of things on a drunk passed out friend.
Little things like wearing my own clothes on days off of work really make me happy atm.
I like almond milk!
I filmed two videos for my Youtube channel! (just need to have time to edit them!)
Society Cafe's white chocolate and soya milk hot chocolate
Chocolate soya milk.

This week could of done without..
My boyfriend has long hair, and for his birthday my guy friends wore wigs. It was funny at the time, but now there is so much wig hair around the house. It could send me to an institute.

Apparently this weeks had a bit of a milk theme.

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  1. Oh wow, that birthday cake looks SO delicious! You can't really beat cake with strawberries and butter icing!