Lost Causes


 photo DSC_0542_e_zpsc57a89b4.jpg  photo DSC_0549_zps05c148ac.jpg  photo DSC_0570_zps437e91a7.jpg  photo DSC_0582_zpsacf5f02c.jpg Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Monsoon
Bag - Accessorize
Green/grey stone Necklace - Accessorize
Blue stone Necklace - Crystal Shop
Shoes - Primark

Obviously, these were taken in Brighton, and having to edit them earlier made me super sad, really wish I didn't have to come home! I got this top the day I got paid, I'd been wanting it for months, and because I did a lot of over time, I thought I'd treat myself! It was £40 (eeek.) which I don't think I've ever spent on a top... But it's so beautiful, and it always broke my heart to walk away from it. These jeans were my work jeans, but I decided to rip holes in the knees, because i'm so edgy. (jokes.)

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  1. Super cute outfit! I hate spending that much on clothes, but when it;s urban outfitters I'm always like weeellll....
    amber love