Caring for bleached hair.


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Me and bleach have had an ongoing love affair since 2012, when I first decided to ombre my hair, and still haven't grown out of it. I've heard people say ombre is dead, blah blah, but that's just a really stupid thing to say, and I like it, so tough tits.
Anyways these are just a few products I use, to stop my hair from looking dead, and it works, everyone compliments me on how lovely my hair looks, even though it really shouldn't.

For my everyday conditioner I use the Organix brand, and at the moment I haven't found a favourite one, so I'm testing all types out, to see which I like best. It's a really thick and creamy conditioner, so great for drenching my dried and sad ends. I've recently gotten into using the Bleach London Rose conditioner, purely because my ends had a green tinge from experimenting with purple dye earlier this year, it works really well, gets rid of any greeny-ness, so if you're having a tough time with green hair, this is your saviour. A HAIR MASK, I cannot stress how important a hair mask is if you have bleached ratty hair, it makes such a difference, I'm using the Bleach London Reincarnation, which is incredible, but I also recommened the Macadamia oil hair masque, which is beautiful.

Caring for it out of the shower I smother my ends in the Macadamia oil leave in cream, which smells like heaven, but also makes my hair feel silky smooth. I never really got into the hair oil hype, the ones I'd tried previously either didn't do a lot to my hair, or just made it feel sticky, but I picked up this one from Superdrug a few weeks ago, just because I had planned on bleaching my ends a bit more, so wanted something to save my hair. This is the best hair oil I've ever used, it's light on the hair, but it makes such a improvement and it smells good too, which is always a bonus.
So now I just like to stand around sniffing my hair.

I don't really have a specific heat protectant at the moment, i'm still trying to find 'the one' any suggestions would be really helpful!

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