Jewellery Storage


 photo DSC_0382_zps5avrab4w.png  photo DSC_0388_zpsqug0nsqz.png  photo DSC_0390_zpsplxsoc3m.png  photo DSC_0395-_zps3pzgamdm.png Rose Gold jewellery boxes from Joy.
Cream jewellery tree was a birthday gift.
Little ring dish was home made, super easy to make and lots of Youtube tutorials on how to make them.

My jewellery storage had never been anything personal to me, they were old miss matched boxes that I'd had since I was around 8, and never really felt necessary to update til recently.
Jewellery has been something that's been important to me within these past few years and it felt right to update my storage for keeping these important pieces. It definitely finishes off an outfit nicely and I personally think it makes you, you.
I have a few pieces that I wear everyday without fail and if I do for some bizarre reason forget my thumb ring on the odd day, I can feel it's absence, it's really weird.
I'm sure anyone who wears the same jewellery everyday will understand that feeling.
Anyways, I just wanted to share my little jewellery storage with you, because I'm quite happy with what I have at the moment.

Do you have specific jewellery you wear everyday?

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