Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick : Starry-Eyed (Review)


As were in the colder months, I've noticed myself going towards more deeper tones in anything clothes, nails, even my hair! But one thing that I've become very interested in this autumn/winter is lipsticks, which is something that's never really fascinated me much at all before.

This is my second 'vampy' lipstick purchase, and I absolutely love it, I think it mainly suits me because my hair is so dark at the moment, that it's very complimentary of each other.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick - Shade: Starry-Eyed, 128

Obviously it's clear these photos have been edited, but I made sure none of the effects I have done were added onto the actual product colour, so what your seeing in the photo is true. So no need to worry about that.

What I find great about this product is how moisturizing it is on the lips, I hate it when you put a lipstick on, then 20 minutes later its gone to that dry powdery consistency. I find this so wearable for a day time look too, but if you find it's a bit too much for the day time, it can definitely be patted down, and warn with a chap stick or gloss for a more toned down look.

I honestly don't think this picture does it much justice, but just thought i'd show what it looks like on application, I'd say in real life it has a more purple and brown undertone to it. I like to apply it over my Nivea Honey & Milk lipbalm, which makes it glide on easier.

I think this is definitely a good starter for trying to get into the 'vampy' lip trend, I got mine for £4.99 at my local boots, which I think is a good deal, considering how much a Mac lipstick would normally retail at, as lovely as they are, I just don't make that kind of money!

I hope this helps anyone who may have been interested in the vampy lipstick trend, or even the actual lipstick.

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  1. I'm thinking of buying this lipstick, it looks fab on you!