Speckle Pocket Watch Outfit.


I think Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons, I just love to layer up, and throw on baggy jumpers, and a cosy beanie.

Jumper, 14.99 | Scarf, 6.99 | Pocket Watch, Vintage.

This look isn't anything special, it's what I wore for going ice skating with my friends, which was very fun!
The speckle jumper is so loose and baggy, but doesn't make me look shapeless. I know with a few of my other jumpers, they just have no shape to them, and make me look bigger cause they're not holding me in right places. (Jumper's from Newlook) This scarf is just long, cosy and very warm, it's just nice to throw it over an outfit, to get a nice layered look. The scarfs from H&M.

The pocket watch i'm wearing is vintage, my grampy gave it to me a couple of years ago, there's no working battery in it, but i still like to wear it, its a gorgeous colour, and I like the hint of gold it adds to the outfit, where as the rest of it is quite monochrome.

These high waisted jeans are very comfy and easy to wear, I often have a love hate thing going on with jeans, normally cause I can never get any to fit me properly, I unfortunately have different sized legs and hips, so if i get a size 10, the hips fit perfect but the legs are just very baggy and ridiculous, if I get an 8, they fit my legs perfect, but i can hardly get the button to do up!
So i decided to try some high waisted jeans in a size 8, and I love them, they were from Next, I think around £30. I've since tried a pair of high waisted jeans from New Look in an 8, and they were hideous, so think i'm gonna have to stick with Next on the jeans!

Hope my rant about jean sizes helped anyone who may have been having the same problem!

P.S, the coat is old, I got it from Newlook last year, so there isn't a link for it anymore!

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