#001. Birthday goodies & things I have bought.


Hi there, I've been receiving a few new things recently (as my birthday has been) and also been buying a few things, while they're cheap, or just picking it up cause I want/needed it. So I thought it would be nice to get it all together, and do a little haul for you all.

The lighting in my bedroom (especially in the morning) is terrible, especially for putting make-up on. Most of the time i'll be putting it on in the bathroom, as it has the best light. So I decided to have a look for a Make-up Mirror, and came across this bargain, I can't believe how much it's been reduced! I would honestly recommend if you've been thinking about getting one, especially while it's still this cheap! I've also used it as a lighting prop for the rest of my photos, which really helped.

WHSmith Storage boxes. (Couldn't find these online)

I've said before about how messy I am, and my room is just full of clutter. Considering that I've got some nice new things, from Christmas, Birthday and random buyings, I decided that i'd like to sort out all the old stuff, that i'd still like to keep, but just put them away in these boxes, til I move out and have more room for things. Then I can have my newer things on show, and hopefully my room will look less cluttered.

The Little Bubble Co, Starberry Sundae Bath & Shower gel
I received a bottle of this last year & really liked it, but the main reason I like it is because I was also using Snow Fairy from Lush last year at the same time. I was meant to get Snow Fairy again, but by the time I got to my local Lush, there wasn't any left! So instead I got this one, which reminds me a lot of Snow Fairy.

VO5 Cherish my colour
I've been using this shampoo and conditioner for about 4 months now. When it first came out I didn't really take much notice of it, mainly because as far as I know, other VO5 products had that bland shampoo smell, which I personally don't like, i'm one of those people that likes to grab my hair and smell it, so I like it to smell nice. It wasn't until my hair dresser used it on me, that made me notice it, and ever since it's all I've been using, I really love the smell, it makes my hair shiny & very soft, also most of the time it's on offer! So not that expensive either.

Eylure Girls Aloud False Eyelashes, Cheryl
I'm not normally interested in false eyelashes. My mum bought me some for Christmas, and I wore them a couple of types, but the glue has already ruined them, so I decided i'd buy another pair for my birthday. I didn't end up wearing these in the end though, they were a lot longer than I thought, and I thought it would have just looked a bit ridiculous for the daytime, (I was out all day til night on my birthday) So will save these for a night out!

Models Own, Ibiza Mix
I'm a bit late with this purchase, I think everyone was going mad over this stuff Summer 2012, but I always thought it was a bit expensive... Until the other day, I don't know how my thought suddenly changed, but it did. I really like this glitter, it's not like any other one I have, I love that it's a bit messy and has mixtures of big and tiny chunks.

I saw these in my local Waitrose, and fell in love. I'd have the tin version of the Very Cherry candle before, and really loved it then, but I could only get it online, which is a bit of a bother sometimes, especially if I don't end up liking the smell. Anyways I was freaking out so much about it, that my friend surprised me with both of these as a birthday present, and the bubble gum candle is amazing by the way. I've not used the diffuser yet though, as I've already got another one going at the moment.

Silver Bangle from Pia

'Do one thing each day that makes you happy'
This is what I got from my mum and step dad, which I was very surprised about, my laptop was supposed to be for Christmas and Birthday, so I wasn't expecting anything else. I love this, it's very simple, but I quite like that about it, I've worn it every day since I received it, and not quite sure when i'm going to take it off!

My mum had gotten a few of her Christmas presents for people from this place, and she finally showed me where it is. It smelled amazing in there, and it was so colourful! It was only a tiny shop, but I think it was the perfect size. The candle smells amazing, and I've been trying hard to put off burning it, so I can show you all how pretty it looked before it got ruined. I've also been wanting to trying a massage bar, so can't wait to use this one from the giftset.

Yankee Candle, Red Velvet | Snowman Candle Decoration (Can't find these anywhere on the site!)

This is two of my presents from my boyfriend. We were in a Yankee candle shop the other day sniffing different candles, and I was saying if I could afford a bigger jar, I would definitely get the Red Velvet one, so he surprised with it in a bigger jar! He also bought this decoration thingy, that sits on top, and makes shapes out of the light! Which is so cool.

(Sorry, these next 2 items had to be stock photos, as they weren't at my house.)

I know most of you probably won't be interested in this sort of thing, so I'll make it quick! This was also from my boyfriend, as he knows I have a love for Zombie games.

I've already done a post about this dress which you can read here. My boyfriend did end up buying it for me in the end, as an early Birthday present, which I was very happy about, I wore it for New Years and I love it, it's the perfect length and the design is very nice.

Newlook, Parisian Disco Pants (Couldn't find a link)

I picked these up the day before my Birthday, cause I decided that day that I was to wear 'Disco Pants' on my birthday. I originally went into Republic, but all the black/charcoal ones were gone. (That's my fault for not getting them earlier!) But I vaguely remember seeing these in Newlook, I was lucky, I got the last pair, but it was size 12, I just about manage to get away with them, they're a bit loose around the knee's, and ankles, but I'll have to live with it for now. If Republic to restock on the darker ones, I'm thinking about getting one of their pairs too.

Shakeaway Voucher

I recieved this from a friend for my birthday, which I thought was quite cool, haha. I haven't actually been to Shakeaway for years! So i'm quite excited to go in and use this!

This is what I received from another friend, and it's not a toy. It's a lomography film camera that I am so pleased about receiving! We got my friend one for his birthday, and I was so jealous of how amazing it was, so my friend decided to give me one. And I cannot wait to take pictures with it!

Right, that is finally everything, sorry if that was super long. I need to get better at making my posts smaller.. Thanks for reading!

Have you bought any of these things recently? Or were you thinking or purchasing any of these items?

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  1. I love the storage boxes and the Models Own nail varnish! And the Yankee candle sounds like it'll smell lovely :)


    Jamie x

    1. Yeah, they've become very useful! It really does, it;s amazing!


  2. Love the Models own polish, and the candle looks lush! I have a lomography camera too- a Diana Mini Wonderland. I love it, yours looks awesome too!
    Imogen <3

    1. Thanks, they all smell amazing! Oh awesome! I have a Diana Mini too :)


  3. Brilliant haul, I'm in love with that camera, it looks so cool! I hope that mirror is still in stock, I may have to purchase!

    Megan xxx

    1. Thanks! Yeah it's amazing, I really can't wait to start using it!


  4. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! To see all about it check out my blog http://life-according-to-chloe.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. I got lollipop chainsaw for my Hubby for Christmas. I haven't seen him play it yet but it looks awesome from what I saw in game trailers. :)

    1. Ohh awesome, I hope he's enjoying it, I love it!


  6. Hey, I’m loving your blog! Great post :)

    Come check me out – elliebeaa.blogspot.com
    Love, Ellie x

  7. eeep I want that zombie game for my xbox now!! I looooove zombiiiesss!!!

    1. You should get it! It's amaziiing! I promise! Hahaha