What I got for Christmas


Hello, so on my last post I asked if anyone would be interested in seeing what I got for Christmas, and a few people said yes, so I thought it would be nice to do! JUST TO SAY, I am in no way showing off or bragging, I'm just very nosey, and enjoy these sort of posts, so thought maybe some of you lot are!

So let's get started..

What my stocking looks like.

This is all from my mum & step dad, which was all lovely! There was more stuff, but I just wanted to show the main things. I really wasn't expecting this much, but I'm still really grateful for it.

Tresemme Argan Oil
I think originally my mum was planning on getting me Moroccan oil, but realized that it was quite expensive, so decided on getting me the argan oil. I'm not really bothered that she didn't get me the Moroccan oil, I never really got sucked into the hype about it. I really do love the argan oil though, it makes my hair feel amazing! And the price isn't really that bad either.

Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser with Muslin Cloth
I've heard a lot about these muslin cloth cleansers, but again didn't really think much of it. I am quite impressed with this though, the product itself is very creamy and moisturizing, I think i'll definitely have to repurchase this once it's all gone!

M&S Gorgeous Cakes Recipe Book
Me and my mum were in M&S a couple of months ago, lusting after these recipe books, so I thought i'd be smart and get her one, and it seems she also had the same idea too! It's okay though, because we both got each other different recipe books!

No. 7 Powder and Liquid Foundation
It's become a little tradition each year for my mum to purchase these products for me as Christmas presents. My job I used to have was literally minimum wage, so I never really had lots of money to spend on more expensive brands, so it's always nice around Christmas time to have these. The liquid foundation lasts quite a while, I think it lasted me til summer last year.

Umberto Giannini Grunge Glam Salt Spray
I love this stuff so much, my mum got it for me last year, and that bottles only just ran out, so i'm happy I now have another to use. I love the smell of it, the texture it gives, I just think it's amazing! It hasn't ever left my hair crunchy, as I know that's what most salt sprays do.

Metal bookmark, Patterned nail file, tweezers & nail clippers, 2013 Diary, Cupcake candle
- I go in and out of phases of always reading, and hardly ever, unfortunately i'm not reading much at the moment, but once I get back into it, I can't wait to use this book mark! It's either personalized to have my last name on, or it was already there, I didn't think to ask! It's got lovely detailing on it, and is made out of metal.
- I kept forgetting that I needed a new nail file, and nail clippers, because I'm just terrible, and always loose things! So i'm pleased these and the tweezers were in my stocking! I like the patterns too, mixes it up a bit instead of having plain ones, hopefully these wont disappear anytime soon..
- I always need a diary, because I have the worst memory, and I quite like the novelty of jotting down important dates, or what i'm up to, it's a lot nicer to look at instead of looking at it on my phone.
- I'm obsessed with candles, my boyfriends tried banning me from buying more, but now i'm just being given them! I really love this though, I dont have any other candle like it, the little cupcake is just perfect, and it comes with a vanilla scented tea light, can't wait to burn it in the summer!

Heart shaped Bath bomb & Cupcake bath bomb
I did have another bath bomb that came with the heart shaped one, but I wasn't patient enough, and really wanted to use one, but I saved the best one to show you all! I love bath bombs, I could just wander round Lush for hours, just to smell it all. (None of these are from Lush by the way). The heart shaped one has a lavender scent to it, so I can't wait to use it after a busy day! Oh my goodness, this cupcake bath bomb smells incredible, it smells just like chocolate, and it looks so nice and scrummy! I really don't want to use it! I'd rather just leave it on my room, so I can smell it forever!

Audrey Hepburn Calendar
Audrey Hepburn is one of my biggest inspirations, so it's normal that i'll receive one of her calenders, i'm quite interested in this one, as it has some pictures which I haven't found before, so that's always interesting!

Taylor Swift gift set & Rosie's Pantry, Make your own Lemonade
Those of you who read my Christmas wishlist will know that I was lusting after the Taylor Swift enchanted perfume, and so I received the gift set from my boyfriend, which I was very surprised about! By excited! I also received from him this Rosie's Pantry make your own lemonade, as soon as I saw this in boots a couple of months back I fell in love, mainly due to the beautiful glass bottle, (link to clearer picture here) again I was surprised by this, I didn't think he was paying much attention to be honest. But i'm very pleased with this! Can'i wait til the summer when I can make the mixture, and sit outside sipping it!

Kate Moss gift set, Glade Apple & Cinnamon Candle & Handknitted Scarf
I would never think to look at the Kate Moss perfumes, i'm not sure why, it just never really occurred to me. I didn't even know she made perfume, so when I opened this I was a bit concerned whether or not i'd like it. I really do though, it's a lot muskier than my other scents, I'd say a lot more mature, as most of my others are fruity and sweet, but I really do like this! (I received this from my sister). Another candle! You could probably guess I was very excited, and it's a cinnamon scent, one of my all time favourite smells! I also received this gorgeous scarf that my nan had knitted for all the female's in our family. (except the younger kids) It's a really lovely design, I love the colours and the sparkles, I can't wait to find an outfit to wear it with!

And this was my final and main present, from my mum and step dad. I had already had a laptop before this one that I bought years ago, but it wasn't really right for me anymore. I do a lot of photography, and film related stuff, so I really needed a laptop that could keep up with that, and unfortunately my old was just couldn't anymore! This one so far is perfect though, I love the colour, the size, it's brilliant!

All in all, i'm very thankful for all my lovely presents, and really enjoyed my Christmas!

I hope you all had a Happy New Year!

What did you all get for Christmas? If you've already posted about it, leave it in the comments, i'd love to see you all got!

P.S, Does anyone know of any Best of 2012 tags? That include things such as films, music as well as beauty? Could you let me know in the comments if you do? Thanks!

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  1. laptop twins! you got some lovely presents x


  2. You got some lovely presents, that stocking is wonderful!

    Happy 2013 =)

    Corinne x

  3. What lovely presents! :) The Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser sounds like an interesting buy! xo

  4. Hey,

    I nominated you for the liebster award

    Corinne x

  5. Your presents look great! I'm jealous that you've got Taylor Swift's perfume haha xo


  6. Your stocking is adorable, so lovely! Looks like you got some lovely presents, and I don't think it comes across as bragging at all. I've just found your blog and I think it's adorable, now following :) xx

  7. The presents you've got are all lovely! I especially love the Audrey Hepburn calender, she's also a big inspiration of mine!
    Laura xx

  8. Wow, you got some great pressy! I want to try the Tressemme Argan oil!! Let me know how you get on with it?!
    LaceyLoves x

  9. Hello just stumbled across your blog!
    Ooh you got some lovely gifts :) I really want to try the Taylor Swift set!! Do you like it?
    I really like your previous posts too!

    Fancy having a look at my blog? If you enjoy maybe we could follow each other? :)

    Lucy x x


    1. Thank you! Yes I love the perfume, very fruity :)

      I've just followed your blog, I really like the look of it :)