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Hi there. Firstly i'm going to apologize for the dodgy back drop thing, this was taken at my boyfriends house, and I didn't really want you to see the disgrace that it is, so that's why I have a Christmas blanket in the background.
I found this candle in my local Homebase, (Homebase is amazing for candles by the way, which seems a bit strange?) it was £4... Which is AMAZING for a big jar like this. The smell is incredible, it's really sweet and yummy, also it really stinks the room out, which I love, I love walking into a room and being slapped round the face with a heavenly smell, candles aren't doing the job right if they don't! 
These really remind me of Yankee candles, probably because of the design, and size's. I even think these are just as good as Yankee candles, and i've been on their site and they do scents quite similar to Yankee candles... I'd say the only difference is that the Starlytes candles are 4x cheaper.. 
Although i'm not saying i'll never buy a Yankee candle, mainly when i've actually got the money, and feeling a bit cheeky.

Over all, i'd definitely recommend to those who have been on the fence about trying a big Yankee candle, because these are very similar, and especially this one smells amazing!!

Thanks for reading! Sorry if this was all a bit dodgy to read, I was just too darned excited!

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  1. These candles sound great!xx

  2. Can't beat candles! By the way, I love the Christmas blanket.

  3. I have a homebase where I live so I'm 100% going to check out their candles! They sound fab :)

  4. Love the post! Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  5. I have the vanilla one of these and now I am dying to try this one! Sounds lovely :)

  6. I love the Jelly Belly candles, although they are a little expensive. Not as costly as Yankee, I don't think I could ever spend that amount on a candle!

    Corinne x