January Favourites


I didn't get round to making a December favourites, due to all the madness of Christmas, and then my birthday, so I've been loving some of these things for a while!

Good Things is a product i often wondered about, one thing that always put me off buying it was the smells, it's not that I hate it, I love it! It was mainly the concern that there may be loads of chemicals in it to make this luscious smell, but it's not apparently, it's all good! Overall I think it's a good mask, and very good value for it's money.

I really didn't think i'd be too fussed about this hair oil, but it's done a pretty good job. My hair used to be ombre'd, and although most of it's cut off where it used to be, the very tips of my hair are a tad bit lighter and can look and feel bit brittle, this however makes them feel smoother and softer. I'd definitely repurchase.

Tangle Teezer | £9.75 (AMAZON)
Everyone has one of these. I had a feeling it would be good, but didn't believe all that 'nonscence' of it 'not hurting at all when brushing the biggest of knots out'... I mean it has to hurt.. It's a knot! But no, I was wrong and very cynical  This thing is indeed amazing, it quite baffles me really, how can brushing a knot out, not hurt??! Either way i'm sold and would like one of every colour... Bit obsessive.

I use this every night before bed, and it makes my lips feel very smooth. As we all know winters a bitch to our lips, so I thought i'd try this out, and I would say it's definitely helped. It has this tingly feeling when you apply it, it's not a really noticeable and annoying tingle, it's quite vague, but I like it. Also it smells amazing!

This was a present from my mum for Christmas and it's literally all gone, which i'm very sad about.. But anyways it gives a very good coverage, I wear probably about 2 - 3 layers of foundation (it really depends on how my face is looking that day) as I suffer with acne & scarring, ANYWAYS, it doesn't feel cakey at all, or look cakey either.. But anways, i'll have to wait til next Christmas now!

I bought this back in August time, but with it changing into Autumn, I went for more darker shades. Since Christmas being over, I just felt like changing it up a bit, and this is the main this I've been reaching for, I love the texture, it's very velvety, and smells amazing! Also the price is really good too, and apparently these are meant to be dupes for the NYX Lip Creams.

I bought this at the start of the month and for the first two weeks I literally wore it every day. It looks really nice over a black nail varnish, and I love it. Only problem is it's just really hard to get off! Hurts my fingers from rubbing so hard, I think i'll have to invest in the Bourjois nail polish remover for when I use it next. I'd definitely like to experiment it over other colours.

Loreal Nail Colour Riche, 617 (I couldn't find a link for this)
I received this for Christmas in a little set, like with my lipsticks, I wanted to tone down the colours on my nails too once Christmas was over. This nail polish is amazing, I think I wore it for a week, and only a little bit had chipped, which is very unusual for me, I'm definitely going to be checking more of these nail polishes out.

Primark, Brown Eye Linear Pencil
I got this in a little set over a year ago, I mainly used the eye shadows, and didn't pay much attention to the pencil. This month I recently started using it for filling my eyebrows in, (I've never done it before!) and I think it's doing the job well! I don't really do anything too fancy, I just add the colour back to them, I'd only just realized how light my eye brows appear because of them being covered in foundation. (Oops)

No 7, Exceptional Definition Mascara (Sample Size) | £11.00
I got this for Christmas, and I never even knew of this mascara, but i'm now in love. The very end of the brush have those types of bristles for getting the little lashes, but I also use them for my bottom lashes, as I find it easier and less messier than using the whole wand. I'd love to repurchase, but it's a bit expensive, I was considering getting the Maybeline Rocket Volum' Express Mascara as a replacement?

This was another present. I haven't used liquid liner for a while, I got swept into the gel liner craze, (which I still love) but I like putting this over my gel liner so it adds a bit of shine, and sometimes with my gel liner, I find the flicks aren't sharp enough, so i'll do it with my gel liner, then go over it with this liner and it looks 100x better!

This is amazing. (I always say amazing) The smell is also amazing, it just makes your skin feel so soft when you've used it, and I find it's so easy to use! I would definitely repurchase when I've finished with it, or buy another type from this company. By the way the little holder I have it in used to be a candle holder, I learnt how to get the wax out from Ingrid's video.

I bought the scrub before the wash, because it smelled amazing, and once I realized there was a body wash, I went straight out and bought myself one. The size is amazing, it just lasts so long. The texture is so creamy and buttery, I always use this stuff on my legs, even if i'm using a different body wash for my body, just because it's so good to them, as they're so dry at the moment. Oh and the smell is heavenly. Soap & Glory need to make a perfume of this smell. Then I will feel complete.

Again it smells amazing. It's not too harsh on my legs. I just realized I featured this in my last favourites.. (Oops).. I'll try not to add it in the next favourites.. It's just too amazing! It's got me under a spell!

I love this candle and I love my boyfriend for getting me it. I'm obsessed with candles and love receiving them. With this candle it's not a specific smell for a certain time of year, I could still burn this in the summer and it wouldn't seem odd, it would suit! I'm going to be very sad when this runs out.

This just leaves my room smelling so sweet, I love just walking into my room when it's burning because it literally hits you in the face. I wish I could eat it.

This has been my go to scent most of January, I love it, it's very sweet, and fruity which is what most of my perfumes smells like. Also the bottles is just amazing, look at how amazing it looks in this picture! I'd like to purchase the bigger bottle with the charms on when this one runs out.

So those are my favourites this month, hopefully it wasn't too long!

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  1. Your should try the tinfoil method to remove Ibiza Mix. Just cut up cotton pads and soak them in nail polish remover. Place them on each nail and scrunch tin foil over your nails. Wait 5 minutes and squeeze the tin foil off each nail and it completely removes the glitter.

  2. I want that jelly belly candle, looks amazing!!


  3. loving all of this, the models own polish looks amazing and you've made me want a tangle teezer now!
    Imogen <3

  4. Nice products!!!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  5. I'm constantly looking for a new foundation so I might have to check the No7 one out! My Tangle Teezer is my little baby, it's amazing.

    Megan xxx

  6. I keep seeing the tangle teaser brush pop up in peoples favorites. Why hadn't I heard of it before? lol, I think I need to get one now. That Loreal polish is so pretty. Red velvet is my favorite dessert so that candle sounds right up my alley.

  7. very nice! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  8. Nice post :)
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