This Weeks Wishlist #003


As always there's been many things I've been obsessing over, so thought i'd share!

1. Topshop - Astronaut Tee | £25.00
I already have a top similar to this, it was in my last OOTD, but it's just so comfy and easy to style up, that I wouldn't mind getting this one as well!

2. Maybeline - Colour Tattoo | £4.99
I'd been thinking for months on and off about getting one of these, but never really saw the point, but I've recently started getting into wearing some eye shadow  nothing too fancy, but would be interested in one of these, can anyone recommend a good colour to get? I went to my local Boots, and couldn't really decide which colour would be best to get!

3. Marks and Spencer - Bow Tights | £3.50
I was in M&S a couple of weeks ago and spotted these tights on a mannequin, but couldn't find them anywhere on the actual shop floor, and due to my socially awkwardness, I didn't ask any of the sales assistants where I could find them, maybe i'll find them when i'm in there next, it'll be fate.

4. Topshop - Velvet Check Treggings | £28.00
Ever since i got 'Disco Pants' I've become a bit more obsessed with sturdier and fashionable leggings, and again I've been thinking about velvet leggings on and off, but I just love these, I think my mum is going to buy me these, because she owed me some money, so hopefully i'll get them! I'm just getting a bit fed up with jeans now, it's such a hassle trying to find some that fit me properly, as my legs and hips are complete different sizes, so i'm moving onto sturdy leggings!

5. Rimmel - Apocalips, Galaxy | £5.99
You guys probably haven't heard of this stuff.. (Just kidding, everyone knows about this, even my dogs.) I already picked up the shade Celestial, and it's incredible, it feels amazing on your lips, and I just love it. I really want to get Galaxy, and maybe after that i'll get Nova?

6. Ebay - Flatform Pumps | 17.99
I know H&M had some shoes likes these months ago, and people were going a bit crazy for them... Now I want them, I don't really care if they may be seen as out of fashion.. I don't even know if they aren't? But either way they look amazing, and I want every colour, in 7 pairs each so I can live in them forever.

Those are my picks, I hope you enjoyed! Are you cravings any of these items? Let me know!

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  1. I have those leggings in white and black and love them!

  2. love all the items on your wishlist! I really want to Rimmel apocalips!
    Laura xx

  3. Great wishlist. I REALLY want to try the Rimmel Apocolips.

  4. Love this wishlist! I really want some flatforms too!Xx

  5. Great wishlist, I need to buy some Apocalips!
    Megan xxx

  6. YES FOR LEGGINGS! I live in leggings, I struggle to find jeans that fit too. I have so many black milk pairs and old Topshop pairs and recently got some black velvet leggings (get some - they go with everything!) but I sooo want some checked ones from Toppers too!! X