25 Facts About Me..


You probably haven't heard of this post.. (That was sarcasm) Literally everyone is doing this tag at the moment, and I've quite enjoyed reading everyone's odd facts, so thought I would share some also.

1. The first time I ever went on a plane was when I was 21, it was just after my birthday, and me and my boyfriend went to Paris.

2. I love all seasons except summer, I get excited about summer when it's coming round, but within a month or even less of it, I just get fed up, either because it's disappointing/too hot or I just want to be able to layer up again. I think the only reason I get so excited about summer is because me and my friends can all hang out outside.. (If it's not raining)

3. I've been dying my hair since I was 12... Maybe 11.

4.I always buy magazines, but hardly ever read them really, I prefer to look at the professional photography of models.

5. I'm really anti drugs, it's not like I knew someone who's been affected badly by it, I've just never had that curiosity of having to try it, also the smell of weed makes me gag, it just smells like dirty old men, and no one really wants to taste that now do they.

6. I went to a girl only senior school, and spent very much all of 5 years hating boys... Now I pretty much hang out with guys most of the time.

7. I would be happy enough listening to the same song over and over, my boyfriend hates it, and I know other people don't like to do it, but i'm always wearing a song out.

8. I can also just watch the same thing over and over, films, TV shows. Once me and my boyfriend finished watching the entireseries of Smallville, I literally wanted to watch it from the start again.. My boyfriend thought I was mad.

9. I fear death, but I don't fear my death as much, I fear my families and friends. I'm worried i'll be the last one, and be alone, that scares me more than anything.

10. I went to Tenerife last June with some gal pals, although at the time I missed my boyfriend terribly, and my friend was upset most of the time due to sun stroke, when I look back I would say it was definitely one of the best times of my life, and I'm so happy with myself that I went, i'd always wanted to go when I was younger, and used to watch my nan and grampys home videos from when they used to go there. I'd love to take my boyfriend there and make it a bit of a tradition. 
  (I blurred my friends faces out because they may not want their faces on here!)

11. I have a scrabble necklace with the letter T on, for my boyfriends name.

12. One of the main reasons I go out 'clubbing' with my friends is so I can get some interesting shots with my camera (long exposure, so it get's all nice colourful lines and that jazz)

13. I'd love to move to Brighton, even if it was just for a year, me and my boyfriend go there every year as his brother lives there, and we both love it.

14. I've mentioned my boyfriend so much in this post, so I thought i'd let you know how long we've been together, it will be 3 years in September.

15. I have a bit of an obsession with candles. I would count how many I have, but i'm scared to... But I definitely have more than 10..

16. I always try to make a video either from a whole summer, or even a whole year, atleast each year, it's just an easier way to look back on it all, and remind yourself of things you forgot, I know some people find those sort of videos a bit lame, but my friends really enjoy them, and also this way we won't forget these things.

17.  Me and my friends purposely say 'Da' or 'Dis' or sometimes even 'YOLO' to take the piss, we really don't talk like this, the thing is we've gotten so used to talking to each other like it, that we forget how terrible it is, and we shouldn't talk like it around other people who don't get that its a joke. Someone picked me up on it the other day, saying "Did you seriously just say 'da??'"

18. I'm an outfit repeater, and I don't even care what Kate Sanders says about it... (If you watched the Lizzie Mcguire movie, ever, you should get this.)

19. I would like to at some point in my life have a Leopard Gecko and Terrapins, I would love to have either now, but i'm in between my house and my boyfriends house at the moment now, so it wouldn't be fair, but once I move out, and the time seems right, i'd love to!

20. Is it sad that the main reason I want to drive and have a car, is so I can buy nice smelling car fresheners?? I have an obsession to smell, I swear. 

21. I had my hair ombred the whole of last summer, and I really regret dying over it... When my hair gets a little bit longer, i'm going to do it again.

22. I think one food I could live on, would be walkers ready salted, I honestly would live on them now, if they're weren't so bad for me!

23. I'm really not one for going out in big groups, or going to big house partys with a load of people I don't really know, it makes me too nervous. I'd much rather have a gathering of all my close friends, I always have a lot more fun that way, and to be honest, they always seem to enjoy it more aswell.

24. I have social anxiety.. I was thinking about doing a post about it, not about how to deal with it, because theres plenty on the web, and to be honest, i'm not that good at coping with it! Just why I think so many younger people this day and age are suffering with it.

25. I'm naturally tanned, when I was younger I used to go really dark in the summer, and strangers would think I was foreign. I'm very much full blown British.

Those were my facts, they were very hard to think of, but either way was fun to do.
I hope it was a little bit interesting for you. If not... I'm sorry i'm such a sicko.

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  1. I love your blog! It's great :) Feel free to my blog :)) Maybe, you follow my blog ? ♥ (If you like it)

  2. I love love love these posts! I can't believe you've been dying your hair for so long! :o



  3. Great post! I'm the same exact way about music and TV/films. I can listen to the same song on repeat and it never gets old. And I can watch an entire tv series from start to finish multiple times. I think I've watched Mad Men 4 times. LOL

  4. I do the exact same thing with words like yolo, I've done it so often now that its a habit and strangers think I'm being serious, karma eh? haha x

  5. Nice post!!!
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. I can relate too you big time on number 21
    I also did this post-

  7. Hey, thanks so much for following my blog, love your blog, especially this post, the pictures are brilliant, I bloody love anything to do with Paris. No. 20 - LOL x
    ps. Now following you too :)

  8. 3 years that is amazing! :) You really seem to enjoy his company so i wish you guys luck in the future ;) xx