Moving house and Bubble Tea..


·I house sat my house over a week ago, and I spent most of the time playing Black ops 2 Zombie mode on the huge screen we have. I'm so lame, instead of saying to my friends we should have a wild house party, I kept asking them to bring their PS3's so we could just play games all the time. Anyways i'm too lazy to have a house party, too much to clean after.

·The start of last week was crap, the weather was just rubbish, so I spent the most of the week inside. But on the Friday it really perked up. We all sat in the park and then helped some friends move house. (I'm sat in the window of their old flat in the first photo) That was a pretty fun day. My friends had to go in between houses carrying heavy stuff (on foot!) and I was just there to unlock the doors for them really.
·OH I also tried bubble tea that day too. And i'm never going back.

·ALSO, I recently got a HTC phone, so i've finally been able to get Instagram. Atm I really haven't posted much so i'm not sure when I'll post my username. It's not that I don't want you guys on there, it's just that I have my friends and such on it.. And yeah I don't know, i'm just being paranoid. And because I now have an android phone, all I do is play Draw Something....

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  1. I love your cardigan in the first photo :) Where did you get it?

    Say hello!

  2. I've just seen I'm on your 'blogs I love' list and that's just made my day :) oooh I definitely need to try bubble tea I've heard such great reviews! I'm your newest follower btw xx

  3. Ooooh that green tea looks really good!