This Weeks Wishlist #005


1. Topshop Embellished Cami Top | £36.00
2. MOTO Bleached Spot Denim Skirt | 30.00
3. Silver Sideways Cross Necklace | £4.99
4. Vans Dress Blue Trainer | £44.99 now £34.99

1. This top reminds me of fairytales and running around in meadows. It's quite versatile, you could dress it up for a night out, or wear it with shorts and trainers in the day and I think it would still look pretty. I need it.
2. I just love this skirt. I don't really know how I would style it yet.. But I just love that it's denim and has polka dots. It's too cute.
3. I've wanted a necklace like this for AGES, but never really got round to getting one. But now that i'm in love with this E bay shop, i'll probably end up getting it.
4. I just really want some comfy vans for day wear that will go with anything and I think that this colour is perfect as it will fit well with all seasons.

I'm kind of starting to fall off the regular blogging wagon again. I do really want to blog and I'm keeping it in my mind, it's just that I have a very upset friend at the moment, so I'm trying my best to keep them occupied.

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  1. You're a good friend. I'm sure they appreciate you very much. You have some great picks - love them all!

  2. Don't worry about blogging too much - I'm sure your friend is very grateful! You are a great friend! I love the skirt and I have vans in a blue colour simply because it goes with almost anything!
    Alice xx

  3. You should get the necklace! Totally a bargain for a fiver.

    The blog will still be here when your friend is feeling better, as will we. =)

    Corinne x