Blog Stalking. #001


I've been really getting into Bloglovin' lately and pretty much devoting my time to checking to see if my favourite blogs have updated.. (It's getting a bit sad..)
So thought i'd share the love a bit, and fill you in on some of my favourite blogs at the moment.

DIY With Ellie
I only found this blog a week or so a go, but I'm in love with it already. The layout and design is stunning, you can see that a lot of effort went into it, and the content is awesome too! I really love the roomspiration post's as I'm always looking for things to make my room look better. (or to just be envious about) Also, I really like the photographs, they're well fought out (looks it anyways) and never look dull.

Other Infinities
I've kind of had an on going love affair with Graces blog since I came across it back in December. Her posts are always so original and unique and it's actually quite fun just to read her posts because of her humor. She also does a big selection of different types of posts, so in a way there's something for everyone! And again she has awesome photography skills too. Oh and follow her on twitter as well, because her tweets make me laugh.

Rags of Love
This girl does sooo many amazing things to her hair, and I just wish I had the guts to do it myself, but instead i'll just lust after hers. I LOVE her style and outfit posts and again her posts are always interesting and fun to read. It's always interesting to read about the day trips she goes on, or just to hear what she's been up to, because her life seems way more interesting than mine.

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  1. I love bloglovin! Can't understand how I never used it before!


  2. Thank you for sharing. I love finding new blogs to follow!

    Lindsey. x

  3. I just came across this on my usual stalking on your blog, and I'm genuinely so so honoured that you've featured me, that's just so kind of you! Believe me, it doesn't take that many guts to dye your hair ridiculous colours and I'm positive my life isn't anymore interesting than yours, but it's just so kind that you've said these things! Thanks for the other pointers too, I'll be sure to check out their blogs, I honestly can't thank you enough lovely *hugs* xxx

  4. I love Bloglovin! I love finding new blogs to follow!

    Great post!
    Gemma xxx