Headband, Claires Accessories | Top, Miss Fabulous (Weston - S - Mare) | Shorts, Newlook | Shoes, (OLD) Converses |  Sunglasses, Newlook | Nails, Rimmel 60 Seconds, 810 Blue My Mind

Sorry i'm not making much eye contact in these photos, the sun makes me squint like crazy... So i'm trying to hide that. This is pretty much the basis for my 'summer outfits' atm, just comfy shorts and a loose top. It's too hot to make an effort. I got this top from Weston Super Mare when I went and it was only £5!! There was several other tops I wanted to get, but didn't have the time to look around.. So i'll have to wait til next time.
Anyway, i'm going to leave it at that. Couldn't really think of anything else to say..
Except IT'S VERY HOT. And I can't wait for Autumn (yep. I said it)

You bring out the darkest side of me.
Disclosure - Voices

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  1. Thats so pretty, it really suits you! I love the top! It's really hot where i am too, this morning i just threw on a dress and hoped it looked ok!
    Alice xx

  2. Cute top! You look really cute too :)