Doll me up.


I don't really like to put too much effort into Halloween. It's not that I hate it, I just can't justify spending a load of money on a costume that i'll only wear once. My costumes the past few years pretty much consists of cats, half ass raver and Mickey mouse which I did last year.
I often find that i'll have ideas for costumes all year round, but once it gets to September my originality goes on holiday til after Halloween, and I kind of panic. I decided I wanted to do something with pigtails this year, mainly because I can make it go crazy and HUGE.I also got to do all the guys make/face paint before we went out last night, it was fun, maybe i'll show some photos when I get them developed.Oh and here's a get ready with me that I filmed for this look, thought it would be fun to do! Anyways, I hope you've all had a fun halloween, or are going to have a fun halloween!
(I felt the other pictures were too serious, i'm not that moody!)

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  1. Cute look! I've never been big into halloween until this year! I've started uni this year and so me and my housemates wanted to dress up a lot hehe! We went to a party with the best costumes which we totally made ourselves... all we did was make Nicholas Cage masks. Walking into the party everyone was like "aahh what!?" as four Nicholas Cages walked in ;) if you're creative halloween doesn't cost much! I also went out on halloween as Violet from the incredibles, all I did was buy a cheap mask and red tights! Everything else i could make/borrow! :D xx

    1. Haha omg that sounds rad!! Halloween always seems so much more fun when your in uni, that also sounds sweet, you may have given me some ideas for next year ;)

  2. Love the look! Your eye makeup is gorgeous. Raspberrykiss xo

  3. You look so cool, the hair and the dress is gorgeous! Loving the youtube too, keep going with it! :) xx