Delilah Dust Wishlist.


Elephant Bracelet | Crescent Moon Ring | Electric Blue Quartz Necklace
Smoky Quartz Ring | Silver Moon Necklace | Silver Wishbone Bracelet

I'd been hearing a few things about Delilah Dust recently through Youtubers and Bloggers, so thought i's have a nosey on their site one evening.
First off, just want to say i'm in love with the designs they use, for the site and their Iphone cases and such, it's so beautiful but very simplistic at the same time. In love.
But the jewellery, (my god!) even more beautiful! So creative and very unique. I'm especially in love with the Electric blue quartz necklace, the colour is insane! (In a good way) and I could easily wear it casually or dress it up snazzy for a night out. It's all just so dainty and cute and fairly good pricing too, i'm just pretty much obsessed with their jewellery now. So sorry bank.

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  1. Thank you for sharing - the designs are gorgeous!

  2. Oh they're all so beautiful, the crystal necklace would look so chic


    Flourish Blog

  3. I love number 3! SO cute xx

  4. I tagged you to do the Sunshine Award!x

    Rebecca x

  5. I really like number 3, what a pretty colour. I also love your blog name Zela! x