Instagram #001


Since I got my S3 I've been waaay into Instagram, it was always slow on my old phone and would freeze quite often. So it's like a dream come true now on this phone. This also means I take *ahem* A LOT more pictures, as the quality's way better and it has a front facing camera for extra fun. Oh and my Instagram is @ZelahKay incase you wanted you know :3
 photo 1_zpsf5dd6003.jpgPainted my toenails because my friends kept saying how chipped they were // New years.
 photo 2_zps41524031.jpgMore new years // Comfy jumper
 photo 3_zps0b7bad10.jpgNew things // Ombre's back
 photo 4_zps4422919b.jpg
This should be an all year round bath bomb. Amazing♥ // Oh god damn, this perfume.
 photo 5_zps20e76394.jpg
Feeling super fashionable  // Black on black.. On black.

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  1. Lovely photos!
    I now follow you on instagram. c: @Gypzilla
    Love your ombre hair btw!


  2. yay! love instagram posts :) will follow ye darling xo