Hunt You Down.


 photo DSC_0635_e_zpsbf6a0080.jpg photo DSC_0794_e_zpsf21f8bac.jpg photo DSC_0684_e_zpsfc2586f5.jpg I originally had these planned as seperate posts, but weather, and life got in the way and now I have to shove them all into one post! But yeah, this is my Valentines day outfit post! (btw)

You do not understand how much I hate doing outfit photos inside, so many other bloggers pull it off, and they look lovely, but it just doesn't sit right for me. So, sorry about my crappy in doors photos.
•I think I'll actually wear the first outfit for most of Valentines day, as it will be comfy, and it's my style really, cute collar (check) weird horse print (check) floaty chiffon skirt. (check)
•I love the second outfit, something about it feels foreign, like I could imagine myself wondering around Paris in this looking in little nick nak shops. (Maybe it's to do with the Striped Skirt?)
•The third outfit is probably most out of my comfort zone, but I still love the dress, it's super pretty, but simple. I'd love to wear this for a fancy dinner of some sort, but probably not now, It's far too cold to dress this fancy, well for me anyways.

I filmed a V-day Lookbook so you can get a better view of the outfits, and watch me awkwardly swoosh around!

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  1. All three are so cute! I especially love the first one :)

  2. Hehe love the topshop jumper ;D xo

  3. The second outfit is so cute, love it! :) xx

  4. I love all three of your Valentine's Day outfits! Your indoor outfit photos are great. In the first outfit your pretty and floaty chiffon skirt looks pretty styled with the print top from Matalan with its dark collar and cuffs. Your striped Newlook skirt moves beautifully and is complemented nicely by your Topshop jumper in the second Valentine's OOTD. The black Butterfly dress looks lovely paired with the Newlook cardigan. It's a beautiful dress.