Galentines Day.


 photo DSC_0048_e_zps5f32b345.jpg photo DSC_0067_zps7ac3b488.jpg photo DSC_0063_zps9bb581aa.jpg I have a few close 'gal pals' and we are all quite different, in ways of fashion and music and film interests, but we all have the same silly sense of humour. Some of them are single, others aren't, so I thought it would be nice for my single friends to receive a card, because I know Valentines day can seem evil for some single people, and I just love my friends, so they all deserve cards, single or not. These aren't all my unique ideas, I did Google several things for inspiration, and I really love how they've turned out, I love that they're not perfect and are a little bit silly, each card suits the personality of that person, or something that I relate us to.
So yeah, I thought i'd show you all for some inspiration, and don't forget about your girls on Galentines day!
I'd so love to send some to my bloggy friends, but I'd feel creepy asking for their address. Hahha.
Happy Valentines and Galentines day

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  1. aha these are so funny, love how they're all original to you as well!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  2. This is so cute! Lovely little cards, I love making cards for people
    Lucia's Loves

  3. These cards are hilarious! Gave me a right giggle haha x

  4. such a cute idea! I think it's nice to celebrate valentines day with everyone you love and not just those you are in a relationship with! x

  5. These cards are so cute ♡