Real Technique Dupes.


 photo DSC_0569_e_zps4797e0bb.jpg photo 2_zps80f2688f.jpg photo 3_zps6816567c.jpg photo 1_zpsb8918ab7.jpgEbay brushes, £12.99 for 5 brushes

I've been wanting some Real Techniques brushes for ages. I know people say how Real Technique brushes are really affordable, but I just cant afford it! So when I came across these, I thought I may a swell try them, as they were a good price. Now I don't have any Real Techniques brushes to compare to, but LeBeautyGirl has done a review comparing them to Real Techniques brushes, so have a read!
I like to use the Rounded brush for applying my Powder and I feel like it packs it into the skin nicely, and gets around my nose and eyes easier than other powder brushes I've used before.
I use the Tapered brush for my concealer, around my eyes and on acne & scarring, it's so light around the eyes, it doesn't feel like I'm dragging it at all!
I've not used the Duo fibre brush that much, but I've used it for my Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator as I hear this sort of brush is good for liquid or cream type products.
I've been using the Angled brush for blushes and a teeny bit of contouring, I think it's done a good job for both really, but it's not a hundred times better than any other blush brushes I've used.
The Flat brush is my favourite of the bunch, I use it for my liquid foundation, and I've found since using this brush, I've been using way less foundation as it spreads a lot better, but still gives me amazing coverage, I could not live without this brush now!

These brushes are such good quality, they feel incredibly soft, and the only shedding I've experienced is from the Duo fibre brush, which I was kind of expecting.
I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants the Real Techniques brushes, or just any make-up brushes, they're amazing value for the money. And also, you get a choice of 3 colours, which is even better!

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  1. Oooo they look pretty good, does any of the brush bristles fall off?

  2. I've brought quite a few of these from eBay and really like them. I can't believe for the price how good they are!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  3. these are super cool! i myself too, have wanted the real techniques but just didnt want to pay that much for them! this is a great alternative :D

  4. So glad you finally wrote about these! I absolutely love them! Great pictures too btw :)

  5. These look amazing for dupes! Can't believe how cheap they are compared to the real techniques brushes xoxo

  6. They look great! I got some cheap brushes from Amazon, I think they were about 7 quid for about 10 and I've never had any issues with them!

    Corinne x