Sleepless Club.


 photo DSC_0875_e_zps804596ab.jpg  photo DSC_0905_zpsaf0be375.jpg  photo DSC_0888_e_zps0d33b50f.jpg  photo DSC_0933_zps9f4d1d85.jpg  photo DSC_0916_zpsc65a989e.jpg Top - H&M
Cardigan - Topshop
Skirt - Newlook
Boots - Newlook
Hat - H&M
Necklace - My nan gave me.

Just want to start of by saying sorry about my incredibly dead looking hands, it seems I'm lacking a bit of colour! The striped top is sooooo old it's about 4 years old I think. It used to be a longer top, but it always looked so odd and awkward on, because it would go super tight at the hips, but be loose on the top, so I decided sometime last year to cut it into a crop top, and I've worn it much more since.
I thought because it had a sort of high neckline, that I should add some type of statement necklace (though, I do seem to lacking them) but found this old Necklace my nan once gave me in my collection, and thought it would be nice to wear, as normally I don't think it suits many of my outfits.

Normally I don't like low pigtails on me, as I think they make my head look flat, but I think the hat helped with that issue! I'm now beginning to love low pigtails. Someone try and stop me.

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  1. The whole outfit is so cute! I love your boots and backpack, they're adorable! :)

  2. You're so pretty! I love this outfit too, suits you!
    Alice x

  3. This outfit is lovely! Liking the hat and the nail colour is amazing.

    Nakita | N. Style & Beauty

  4. You look so pretty! And I love the colour of your nails x

    Georgina | headintheclouds

  5. Loveeee this outfit its lovely!
    I wish I could cut tops into crop tops, literally every time I try it turns into a disaster!
    Such a cute look, may be stealing some ideas hehe! ❤

  6. Haha, I was in the shower the other day and realised that I am SO PALE. Arms, legs, everything. Remember that that big yellow thing used to be in the sky and we wasn't so pale? That seems like a long time ago. Boo.

    Your hair looks beautiful! I'm sure it would with or without the hat =)

    Corinne x

  7. Super cute outfit! I swear I love your style!

  8. I think you pull off pigtails better than anyone haha! So cute. Love the backpack & your boots & everything else really..the whole outfit looks so perfect together :) I feel your pain, dead hands for life xo

  9. Cute outfit :) love bowler hats xo

  10. Such an adorable outfit! I love it!