Friday, i'm in love.


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I felt like giving more personal posts a try. I probably won't do this every Friday. As not much really stands out every week. But when I've had a particularly good week. I'll tell you about it.

This week..
Sammi's hair in this video.
Emma's hair tutorial.
Mince pies.
Mango body scrub. (AMAZING)
The Great British Sewing Bee. (I'm such an old lady.)
Spending money that I should save.. Brings back memories of when I hardly had money before.
Janet Jackson - If (Kaytranada Remix) Listening to it is like floating on a 90's cloud.

This weeks been a real hair inspiration week, I hope it continues in a way. You probably noticed, but I'm not very adventurous with my hair, I always have it on the side, with a swishy long fringe. I've been experimenting with more off centre partings, and curly hair (you'll see in my next OOTD)

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  1. This post is so happy I really like it! I have been loving the Great British Sewing Bee too, literally addicted! Grannies B-)

  2. Hair inspiration, yay! Love the energy you have in this post, so sweet! xx

  3. Nice post and you look so cuteeee x

  4. Aww thanks for sharing! Glad you had a great week! Cheers to more amazing weeks! :)

  5. I'm trying to be more "experimental" with my hair too! I really want to start watching the great British sewing bee <3 :) x