Friday, I'm in love.


 photo 1658472_10203250011791358_1265859674_oZ_zps46fc55ec.png Photo courtesy of my buddy.

This weeks felt like a pretty lazy week, I've not done much really, but there's still been a few things that i've loved doing, or just loved in general.

This week..
New phone case! (Post will be up on that)
Finding my pastel nail colours! They were in a box hiding under the bed..
Lilac nails.
The strong fog that's lingering around our neighbourhood.
The Walking Dead - I am getting so stuck into this. (again) Daryl and Beth though.
GTA 5. I get a bit of road rage.


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  1. It's good to have a lazy week now and then :) I'm looking forward to popping on some pastel nail colours soon too! And nothing wrong with a little bit of gta road rage haha. Love these little posts of yours xo

  2. Lilac nails. <3
    I love your hair!!
    Pretty shots. c:


  3. I love your outfit and hair! It's so cute. x

  4. I have serious hair envy again (I think I said this after your last post as well - beginning to seem like a bit of a creep!).