Friday, I'm in love.


 photo BkPcZXsIUAE4LiV_zps977873e1.jpg
The past couple of weeks have been pretty good to me, so it felt right to do one of these posts!

This week..
I got a job in Monsoon/Accessorize (last week) and I've been getting on so well, I've been really enjoying it, which I'm surprised about, as I thought I'd find it very difficult at first.
New duvet cover! (in the picture)
Nice breezy days, but not hot days, I'm not okay with that.
Another smock dress! Hopefully summer will treat me better in this dress!
Soothers! And cherry flavoured throat spray, that's battling my sore throat!
My family & friends for they're support, and encouragement with my new job.

I'd also just like to say thank you to those who have wished me well with my new job via twitter & blog posts, this community is honestly amazing, you're all the best!♥♥


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  1. That duvet cover is gorgeous - love the colour! And Yoshi is amazing, of course.


    p.s. good luck with your new job!

  2. Oooh congratulations gurrrl! You'll have to sneak some of their lovely animal themed accessories home ;D Warm but breezy days sure are the best, and the bedding looks so nice, tempting me even more haha xo

  3. I really love the colours in your new bedsheets! Hope you have a fab weekend <3 x

  4. Congratulations on your new job! :)
    Love smock dresses!

  5. Very uplifting! That's great that you've been getting on well at Monsoon/Accessorize. and that you have a new smock dress! Take good care of yourself and get better from that sore throat soon! Your new duvet cover is pretty and the stuffed animal sitting on the pillows is cute. I hope you have a wonderful week.