Instagram #003


I know I'm probably not going to have enough time to do an outfit post this week, so I thought I'd stop putting off my Instagram post, (because I knew there would be a loooot!) I've narrowed it down as much as I could, because it would have got a bit dull otherwise!

 photo 1_zps02f357aa.jpgOOTD snippet. // Yummy smoothie I made.

 photo 2_zps6767f5d6.jpg #TBT to me getting excited about Krispy Kreme opening up. // Rocking the geeky glasses.

 photo 3_zpsfae264e7.jpg Looking like a widow. // Bath, rocky road hot chocolate, Lush & Yankee candle♥ 

 photo 4_zps4f0f4d98.jpg V-day Pancakes!// V-day Peanut butter & nutella cookies!♥ 

 photo 5_zpsaa5aa8b7.jpg Fresh bedding. // Classy bathroom ootd.

 photo 6_zpsfb27f536.jpg Did a little shopping. // Puppys too sassy for selfies.

 photo 7_zpsa45c0d00.jpg I want to live here. // It's Wednesday (on Wednesdays, we were black.)

 photo 8_zps67760231.jpg New phone case♥♥ // My weakness.

 photo 9_zpsb76344c8.jpg OOTD. // Meow ^..^

 photo 10_zps7b0e599d.jpg No hurr in the face. // Outfit.

 photo 11_zps559ad6d8.jpg Mini eggs, all day, all night. // Did not know that Garnier did shampoo. But it smells soo good♥

So i'm hopefully going to learn from this post, and (hopefully) keep more on top of these Instagram posts! It's so annoying having to filter through what I've been up to, and choosing the best ones!

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