South West Bloggers Meet Up


Me and Natasha got talking the other night on Twitter, and thought it would be nice to try and organize a South West #bbloggers, #lbloggers & #fbloggers meet up, just because we've never been to one before, and also it would be super cool to finally meet each other!

We weren't planning anything formal, just to meet up, and go shopping and hang out in a cafe, or have a picnic. (if the suns out!) This post is basically just a pitch, as we just want to see if anyone would be interested in the idea.

We don't really know where we would like to do it, we both have polls on the side of our blogs for you to decide, and we'll chose the one with the most votes I guess!

If there's somewhere that's not on the poll that you'd like to suggest, leave it in the comments!
You can read her post here, or tweet us on @Sparrow_mint & @Bellesplash

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