Nineteen Twenty


 photo DSC_0394_e_zps9fc8723e.jpg  photo DSC_0408_e_zpsf62b6b51.jpg  photo DSC_0443_e_zpsc2636d99.jpg  photo DSC_0427_e_zps3c999ef0.jpg  photo DSC_0457_e_zps159bd586.jpg White top - Housemates
Skort - Primark
Floral crown - Accessorize
Shoes - Primark
Nails - Barry M, Blueberry
Rings - Accessorize, Ebay
Bracelet ring - Primark
Sunnies - Accessorize

Sorry about the misserable face in most of these, it was a pretty hot day. I can't deal with heat. (soz)
Anyways I've tried being a bit more adventurous with this hot weather and experimenting a bit with different outfits, I did kind of fall into the habit of 'Smock dresses all day every day' which is still great, but it wasn't that inspiring.
Wearing a white top was so odd for me, I didn't feel like myself and was tempted to wear something else, but I stuck it out, and this is now probably one of my favourite summer outfits. I've also tried getting used to going bare leg, which I used to hate but when it's this hot, it's either sizzle or ditch the tights, and I'm actually feeling good about it, I'm slowly making these little changes to embrace this weather a little bit.
I'm still counting down the days to Autumn so I can get my layering back on though, you can't take the sweater out of the girl. Never ever.

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  1. Such a lovely, summery outfit! The primark skort is beautiful!
    I live abroad, in a little place called Gibraltar right on the tip of Spain, and I have to ditch the tights/trousers around the end of May! I can't wait for November to get them back on haha!

  2. How do you always look so fabulous!? You're outfits are always amazing girl - so well put together :) x

  3. i'm absolutely in love with these shoes! Looking beaut as per xx

  4. Love your outfit! Wow I want all of your rings, they're so cute!

  5. love all of the rings xx

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  6. This is such a lovely outfit! Lovelovelove the skort, I have been eyeing that one up in Primark for a while! xx