photo DSC_0193_e_zpsaab60953.jpg  photo DSC_0209_e_zps4151b8b0.jpg  photo DSC_0229_e_zpsb91f7bc3.jpgDress (worn as top)- Cameo Rose (via Newlook)
Skirt - Primark (old)
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Accessorize
Rings - left to right, White stone ring Accessorize, Midi ring Ebay, Twisted midi ring & Turquoise stone ring & flower ring Accessorize, Midi ring Ebay

I know, a lot of this stuff is from Accessorise, but I work there, and that means I have to look at this stuff all day. So there's always loads of stuff that I want. Honestly when I first got this Dress I was really surprised that I like it, if you've read my blog for a while you'll notice that I don't wear much colour, but this just really interested me, I love the navy background on it. And to be honest, you've all seen my navy lacey skirt, so I don't really need to say anything about it, it's just the best skirt ever.
Oh and these shoes are super adorable and soo comfy, I'm just gonna buy loads when I go to Primark again.

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  1. That outfit is just so pretty! You look amazing as always! :)

  2. Looking gorgeous! I'm a little scared of colour too but it's fun to push out of your comfort zone and try new things :D x

  3. Adore that dress! Definitely inspired me to try out some of my dresses as tops :) x

    Megan /

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  5. I love that skirt! I've never thought of using a dress as a top before, definitely going to try it out! :) x