Maintaining red hair.


 photo DSC_0200_zpsf0c26c21.jpg  photo DSC_0185_zps8c55e415.jpg I knew once I'd dyed my hair red that there would be a bit of upkeep involved, because as most of us know, red fades so damn easily! I think I've got a good routine going now though, and thought I'd share for anyone else interested!

Hair dye
I use the Schwarzkopf Live color in Radiant Red, and I do this once a month towards the end of the month, I really like the colour it gives, its dark, but still quite vibrant. To stop my hair from fading I will use this Crazy Color dye in Fire once a week, sometimes less depending on how the colours looking, and I'll just add it to my conditioner and apply it to the top half of my hair. The colours are kind of different, the Crazy Colour one is a bit more pinky, but I like adding it every now and then, it's a nice change!

I only use shampoos that are for coloured hair, as you can see only the top half of my hair is red, but obviously if your red all over, it would make sense to get a colour safe conditioner also.
The ones I have been using at the moment are the John Frieda Radiant Red and the Clairol Color Vibrancy. These are both good shampoo's for me, they keep as much of the colour locked in. The Clairol one also has extracts of Henna, which means that it also enhances the colour!

Dry shampoo
I used to be such a freak about how frequently I would wash my hair, if I went one day over, I would feel vile. But having red hair means that I've had to train myself aswell as my hair to relax a bit, and leaving it for longer without washing. I normally try to wash my hair 2-3 times a week, sometimes if it's really gross and I have work early, I will cheat and wash it before going to bed, but normally I'll stick to it. To help me through my gross hair times, I use the VO5 refresh me quick dry shampoo, it feels so light in my hair, and smells great too, I pretty much use this on a daily basis.
Normally for the first couple of days after it's been washed I'll have it down and all nice, and towards the end, i'll put it up, trying to pretend that it's nice clean hair.

These are the things I've been doing to make my colour last as long as possbile, let me know below if you do anything different!  
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