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Homeware is something that's become a strong interest for me this past year or so, I'm always on the hunt for cute little knick knacks, even thought I really don't have room for any more...

I'm really into house planting at the moment, I have cacti and succulents here and there and I really enjoy collecting them, something like this H&M plant hanger would be a really cute idea for displaying some of them, it's something different. I just have this thing with mugs, I have an obsession with collecting them, and this kit-tea (see what I did there?) one is so necessary, it has a pocket for when your done with the tea bag for goodness sake! It's so adorable! I have some crystals on necklaces, but I don't have any loose ones for decor and I just like the idea of them sitting on the side, especially on a white desk, just to add a touch of colour. THIS PHOTO. It is soooo beautiful, and it's definitely something I'm going to invest in, the detail is incredible and as I said, it's just so beautiful, I'd love to have it displayed in a very minimal room. As I said earlier, I love mugs, so coasters are necessary and I just love how dainty these look and the colour combination is a dream.

These were some homeware bits I've been lusting after, what have you been lusting after?

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