A new home for my ramblings.


Hey, it's been a very long time.
Apologies to my blog for abandoning it & anyone who may have read it from time to time, being an adult got in the way.
I started to miss having somewhere to talk about the things I like & just bits about my life but I feel like this blog has had its day.. If you look through the posts before this, none of the photos exist anymore.
When I was writing on this blog, I was really anxious & embarrassed about the idea of anyone I know stumbling across it.
I've since come to the realisation that, I shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed about writing a blog about things that I enjoy.
So because of that, I wanted to leave all the anxiety & stressed feelings with this blog, and move on with another one.
I'd really appreciate if you'd carry on following there, if not, it's okay.
Thank you to the people who used to seem genuinely interested in this blog back when I was active on here.

Zelah xo

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