Jam Jars with Handles.


·For a few months now people in my town have been getting excited about old tunnels being re-opened. On the day they were finally opened, everyone sat around in a big park and hung out with pigs. There were pretty cool stalls there too.
·These bikes were awesome too. I wanted to take them home.
·A picture my friend took of me. We finally got the photos back from developing, (it's all so complicated because of it being black and white film) and there were sooo many good photos. You'll probably see a load of them in another film post.
·Forgot I had this amazing glass, and decided to declare my love for it again. I had lemon ice tea in it.. It may have tasted a bit weak, but I still drank the hell out of it.


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  1. Oh, there is nothing like small towns! Hanging out with pigs painted many different colours! Living in a city sucks in comparison.

    P.s. you look beautiful in that picture your friend took!

    E x

  2. I really love the jamjar with the handle, i have been dying to get one of these for ages! I still can't seem to find them :(

    I tagged you to do the "wanderlust tag"

  3. SO much cuteness and colorfulness-I love it :) <3
    I followed you on GFC and BlogLovin!

  4. Fantastic photos! I like them so much! : ) Nice post! : )