All That Matters.


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Half up, half down pony all day for me.
I had these taken like over a week ago, and I've been so lazy with uploading them, I think it's cause of the lighting not being so great.. But yeah I kicked myself up the butt.
Literally I love this Ditsy print skirt from H&M, it's the perfect amount of cute, but also not so girly because of it being a small print, and having the black background. I got the top in a random shop in Weston S-Mare, (which I wrote a post about on here) and it's just so easy to wear, it's a loose fit and just goes with anything really.
I just wish I had more tops to wear with this pretty skirt, and I'm gonna make that my goal for when I get paid, try to avoid pretty dresses and get some tops! (Please keep your fingers crossed for me.)

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  1. Your hair is super cute like that :) i love skirts that are like that one, not too girly so perfect for me!
    The last photo of you made me lol ahaha :') xo

  2. I love your hair like that! I need to experiment with my hair more. I love that skirt too! I know what you mean about not buying tops, dresses are just way more fun to buy!