We've got obsessions // Ash Blonde Ombre


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 I have never shown an interest in Ash blonde until earlier this week, and now i'm well and truly fascinated.
I'm so intrigued that I actually went out and bought an Ash blonde hair dye for my ombre ends, but it didn't really make a difference... For obvious reasons, my ombre needs to be lightened a lot more before they can process ash blonde ends. But I definitely want to give it a go, I think it'll be quite nice to lighten my ends for summer.
1 bummer that came out of this whole experience was when I said to my boyfriend "I'm gonna go over my ombre with Ash blonde" and he replies, "you still have your ombre?" *heart breaks*

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  1. Hahaha 'you still have ombre' :'D I used to have my hair dip dyed bright red which I prefer on me to ombre. Ombre scares me a little haha.

  2. Oh boys haha! I think you'd look really cute with the ash blonde ombre. I was thinking about it, but my hair doesn't dye very well. Plus, I'd probably get sick of it within a week lol.

  3. I wish I could pull of that kind of hair color :c


  4. I'm loving the ash blonde ombre trend too! My own hair is far too dark and more of a brassy tone to get it this shade though =( but I'm sure yours would turn out great! Xx

  5. I really wanted to have my hair like this before I went on holiday but I kind of bottled it!

    Corinne x