Roll It On #04


 photo 13235348_10153469505627455_2410259281304254321_o_zpswv7pdjeu.jpg  photo 11794165_10152935211352455_4491586202214039717_o_zpshnxhlq7c.jpg  photo 13254721_10153469505592455_4944776058391208908_o_zpsrsg8iswy.jpg  photo 13123310_10153444998382455_4081517405185597512_o_zps5dvgdnke.jpg

I used to do posts like these a couple of years ago, but just stopped, I think mostly because I ran out of photos to post, but I've decided I want to incorporate my personal photos into my blog more, just because photography and filmography is very important to me, so it feels right to involve it into my blog.
Anyways, these are just a few of my favourite photos that I've snapped recently, I am so proud of both the blossom photos, I'm so happy with how they came out. ♥

Thanks for having a read.

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